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Here I will post art that inspires me, my art, my stories, my gifs, and other creative things. For my other Tumblrs please follow the links below! Also,

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This may bring out a little #sadist in me, but I love eating their happy little faces. Mmm #happypotato
One of my clients left me a gift on my desk ~ #sourpatch #watermelon #gum!
Just me. New haircut :)
My figures so far. I’m going to need another shelf soon with my four new additions coming. <3
This broken Sailor Moon is going to be replaced soon. Figured I’d have a bit of fun before that happens.

I really wish I had someone to bounce art ideas off of…

It’s so hard to find someone enthusiastic about comics and art that would just jump into conversation with me about it. :(

Makes me miss art college.

It’s my Birthday. I can ride a cupcake through the cosmos if I want to.
Cute Haunter